Supplier Audit

The robust management of suppliers through the application of HACCP (hazard analysis critical control points) or Hazard and Risk Assessment (the phrase used in the context of the BRC Packaging Standard), is a requirement of all the BRC Standards, underpinned by the concept of 'due diligence'.

The objective is to ensure suppliers operate adequate and appropriate product safety systems.

This can be achieved by purchasing from suppliers who

  • are subject to a documented audit by a competent representative of the purchaser, or
  • through the design of a robust supplier self audit questionnaire, which is 'scored' by the purchaser as a basis for assessing risk or
  • are certified to a relevant product safety system (ideally one of the BRC Standards)

Food Standard Solutions is able to help:

  • auditing your suppliers on your behalf (qualified BRC auditor for Food & Packaging)
  • designing supplier self audit questionnaires & the assessment of responses

Ask for a quotation for your individual requirements.